Interview Tips


  • Research companies before your interview.
  • Arrive on time for your interview.
  • No distracting mannerisms (adjusting clothing/hair, tapping fingers, etc.) be aware of your posture and body language and look directly at your interviewer to make eye contact.
  • Speak clearly, don’t talk too fast, and think a moment before you answer questions.
  • Be relaxed and sure of yourself, but not overconfident.
  • Be enthusiastic, ask questions, and show you are interested in the company.
  • Be well prepared and anticipate questions the interviewer might ask ahead of time.
  • Answer questions more than with a simple yes or no. Use this opportunity to sell your skills or recent training.
  • Follow-up the interview with a letter or email.
  • Don't ask about the salary or benefits on first interview. This is more appropriate for a second interview.

The first impression you make will be your attire.

  • Clean and neat in appearance
  • Conservative, not flashy
  • Consider suits and ties/pantsuits/skirt suits

Don’t forget…

  • Notepad and pens
  • Have a PDF copy of your resumé available
  • Turn off your cell phones and any other electronic devices
  • Any applicable research illustrations to emphasize point