Abstract Guidelines

  1. Abstracts must be submitted electronically in PDF format to info@rockymountainrendezvous.org on or before August 27, 2020. There is limited space for posters submissions and poster abstracts will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. Formatting and readability cannot be guaranteed unless you provide the document in PDF format.
  3. Be sure to include your full name near the top of your abstract (not just in the file name.)
  4. If there are multiple authors, be sure to note your name in bold as the person attending the event.

Required Naming Convention for Files Uploaded to RMR Website:


Example: Abstract2020_RMRWeiland_Richard_J


  • Abstract2020RMR should not be changed. These parts of the file names are the same for everyone, only the last name, first name, and middle initial change.
  • No prefixes, suffixes or fourth names are to be used in the files name (e.g. Dr., Jr., III, etc). These additional monikers can be in the resume itself but not the file name.
  • Names are always listed in the order shown above and separated by underscored spaces, not hyphens.
  • No spaces are allowed in the file name other than the underscored spaces separating names.
  • Your abstract will appear in the “Poster Session Abstract Book” EXACTLY as submitted.
  • There will be no editing or reformatting of abstracts.
  • Lines must be single-spaced
  • Proof-read your abstract!
  • Abstracts will not be accepted after the deadline. Please provide copies of your abstract at your poster.